Deth da!

Welcome to the amandala gallery.

My work is drawn from the landscape around my home, in the far West of Cornwall, where the ancient wild moor land is peppered with sacred sites, hut circles and old mine workings, and my experiences of living in Glastonbury – powerful places to charge one’s creative energies.

I am inspired by a vivid awareness of the sea, which surrounds Penwith almost as an island, the turning seasons and our mineral-rich land where man has mined metals for millennia.

All of my jewellery is hand fabricated using silver, gold, (sometimes a little copper, or brass) and semi-precious gemstones. I choose not to use some stones as too many people lose their lives, and too much environmental destruction occurs in their production. I use traditional silversmithing techniques of hand fabrication, to form each piece, as craftsmen have done for hundreds of years. Not only do I enjoy the challenge of hand fabrication, but also feel the satisfaction of knowing that each of my pieces is truly unique. 

If you see something you like that is not currently for sale on the site, it may be possible to have one made for you. Please be aware that due to the nature of the materials used slight variations in colour may occur. Some items may be available in other sizes and colours for all enquiries please drop me a line.

Payment is by Paypal, a secure and trusted payment method, and you do not have to have a Paypal account, any major card will work with it. I am happy to accept cheques but please email first. Postage is included in the price of each piece. I have not charged more for posting abroad as it doesn't cost much more and avoids complicated calculations.

If you would like to know more about my work, please have a look at my Facebook page. I am constantly updating it and you can see step by step images of how the pieces come together. amandala Facebook



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